Global Health: Annual World Survey Shows That Almost A Quarter Of People Consider Themselves Unhealthy

WIN International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, has published the 2019 WIN World Survey (WWS) exploring the views and beliefs of 29575 people from 40 countries across the globe about health, habits and food consumption.

Understanding people’s perceptions of their health becomes increasingly more important during a global health crisis. Questions on healthy habits and how individuals conduct their everyday life might help to understand societal changes and trends in terms of healthy behavior and lifestyles. Today more than ever, people’s perceptions of their own health and on what to buy or how to behave to stay healthy become essential and topics of global interest. In addition, fear and concerns about the current health crisis might also depend on how healthy (or unhealthy) people consider themselves.

This study was conducted before the global pandemic started, and it focuses more on people’s perceptions of food choices and consumption, and lifestyle choices. Despite it does not include medical questions nor virus-related questions, this research sheds light on health behaviors and habits which are deeply connected to how vulnerable people might feel right now.

Compared to 2018, in 2019 people’s perceptions of their health do not vary: 77% consider themselves healthy (very healthy + healthy) and 23% unhealthy (somewhat unhealthy + unhealthy). The latter might represent the ones experiencing higher infection risks during the current health emergency. Older people (65+) who consider themselves unhealthy are almost twice the amount of younger people (18-24) who consider themselves unhealthy (30% vs. 16%).

Poland (50%) and Honk Kong (41%) are the countries with the highest percentage of respondents considering themselves unhealthy, while Canada (95%) and Indonesia (93%) are the countries where the percentage of citizens considering themselves healthy are the highest.

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