Going caving? Bring these essentials underground with you.

This burly gear is going to keep you protected as you venture into the dark.


The challenging thermoplastic shell around the 12-ounce Petzl Borneo Caving helmet can protect the surface and sides of the noggin from lumps against tough stone walls. An incorporated bracket provides a safe place to get a Petzl Duo S headlamp to light your route.


The flooring may be slick with water. A 2-millimeter-thick leather top protects your toes.

Joint defense

Wriggling through tight spaces is essential in many caves–and hard on your elbows and knees. Pads from Gonzo Guano Gear include neoprene cushioning to protect your bony pieces and durable polypropylene webbing that adheres to the human body.

Backpack The Swaygo Pit Bundle’s glossy nylon-polyurethane shell resists tearing, and its own roll-down closed creates a waterproof seal that will keep your belongings dry even when completely submerged.

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