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Media Pox Privacy Notification: Protection and Processing of Personal Data
Webtekno is aware of concerns about how all internet users are used and shared. Media Pox Thank you to its users who trust him; Invites users who want to convey their opinions, suggestions and complaints to communicate at [email protected].

Media Pox on behalf of Media Pox, the Amozon store published on the website and mobile applications; It aims to inform and introduce the target audience about current and outstanding issues by sharing news, file topics, videos, and review contents related to science, technology and popular culture.

Responsible for Personal Information:

He is responsible for the personal information collected and processed through the website and Media Pox mobile applications that broadcast under the Media Pox brand; Media Pox.

What personal information does Media Pox collect about visitors and member users?

Personal information is collected to improve the quality of the content offered on the website and mobile applications, to improve the website regularly with the website, to better make the user experience of the website and to organize ads. The types of personal information collected are as follows:
Information shared by the user: All personal information shared with Media Pox is collected and stored. The e-mail, name and surname, user name information specified by the users of the Media Pox are provided by the user. Users who do not provide this information can benefit from Media Pox’s content services and services, but they may not be able to reach all the features in the medium.
Automatic Information: Media Pox website, such as many websites and other singular identifiers are used. When access to Media Pox is provided through browsers or mobile application, certain types of information are obtained.

What purpose does Media Pox collect and work for your personal information?

Personal information is processed to provide better content service to Media Pox visitor user and member users, to execute and develop Media Pox. These objectives cover:
Presentation of Media Pox contents: Personal information; Visitors and users are gathered with a clear consent in order to provide links to the content they interact with on the Media Pox News Site.
Eliminating and Developing Problems in Media Pox Content Services: Data can be collected and processed for the purpose of developing and improveing technical infrastructure used to deliver the content published in Media Pox website and mobile applications to visitors and user.
Recommendations and Personalization: Users who are members of Media Pox, compared to non -member visitors on the website and mobile application, consuming the contents in a personalized way, commenting on these content with their chosen user name, responding to other users who comment and other ways, comments and other ways They have the chance to interact with other users. At the same time, Media Pox members can get content suggestions and mobile application notifications according to their personal interest.
Compliance with legal obligations: Media Pox collects and processes personal information in certain cases to comply with the law. For example; In case of crimes such as insulting an abuse, person or institution on personal rights and freedoms, this information may be shared with the official authorities according to the nature of the accusation if the victims apply to legal remedies, and the courts demand the personal information of the accused user.
Communication with users: Media Pox keeps and processes e-mail and name information only by members of the member. It is contacted with the e-mail information of these users in order to provide only content.
Other reasons where the consent of the user is requested: The consent of the users who participate for online events and gifts sent from the relevant official authorities that are planned to be realized within the Media Pox are requested. The data collected in such activities and the information obtained for test content or gift distribution are used to improve and improve Media Pox services with user consent.
Cookies and other identifiers: Cookies and similar tools are used to improve the content experience of users, to understand how and under what conditions they use Media Pox, to show the relevant ads and promotions. Approved third parties also use these tools depending on our promotional impressions. Users can access the Media Pox Cookie Notification from the link here, and manage cookie preferences from the cookie preferences page.

Does Media Pox share personal information?

The personal information of all users who are members of or not members of the Media Pox is an important part of the company and personal information is not sold to others. and Media Pox mobile applications share the personal information of the users with the subsidiaries that are subject to the Privacy Declaration controlled by the Media Pox, or with the subsidiaries that adopt the protections issued in this Privacy Declaration.
Links to third -party promotions and other sites: Media Pox content and pages may include links for third -party promotions or other websites and applications. When users interact with these links, the third parties who own the links are; They can collect user information through the content, services and promotions they provide.
Use of Third Party Promotion Services: Media Pox provides information to all users who are members or non -member users to present their promotions about Media Pox and its content, more useful and related to promotional companies in order to measure the efficiency of these promotions. This information does not include information such as names and e-mails that will directly define users. Instead, cookies and various device descriptive software or third -party systems are used. For example, the identifiers of this process are shared to ensure that users who download the Media Pox mobile application do not see promotions that direct the Media Pox mobile application to download ’.
Protection of Media Pox, users and third parties: Considering that Media Pox is appropriate to protect the rights and security of third parties, including its users or business partners, account information and other personal information can be explained. This includes information exchange that can be done in order to protect against fraud.

How safe is personal information?

The Media Pox website and mobile applications will develop and continue to develop with user privacy and security.
During the transmission of data, we use encryption protocols and software to protect the security of your personal information.
Physical, electronic and administrative measures are taken regarding the collection, storage and explanation of personal information. Due to the security procedures, Media Pox may request them to verify their identity before disclosing personal information about users.
It is important that users protect their passwords, computers, devices and applications against unauthorized access. Users with Media Pox are advised to use a separate password that they do not use in other online accounts for their accounts. If users have access to Media Pox accounts from a common computer, it is recommended to close their sessions after finishing the use. After providing access to the common computer or device, users who forget to block their sessions can access their personal devices after accessing their personal devices, and they can get out of the devices they have previously logged in and access [email protected] for exit.

What information can users access?

Users who are members: users who use the Media Pox website and mobile applications as a member can access the content they have visited and interact with their names, e-mail addresses, user names, profile pictures in the site and mobile application.

What options and rights do users have?

By applying to our company, you can make requests about your personal data about the following issues:
Learning whether personal data has been processed,
Learning whether personal data is used and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose,
Learning the third person whose personal data is transferred at home or abroad,
In case the personal data is incomplete or incorrectly processed, asking for them to be corrected and asking for the transaction to be notified to third parties where personal data are transferred,
In case the reasons requiring the processing of personal data are eliminated, asking for them to be deleted, destroyed or anonymous and asking for the transaction in this context to be notified to third parties where personal data are transferred,
Not to object to the emergence of a result against the data owner by analyzing the personal data processed through automatic systems exclusively,
Request to eliminate the damage if the personal data is damaged due to the procedure of the law.
As personal data holders, if you forward your requests for your rights with the following methods, the company shall finalize the request according to the nature of the request as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest.
Media Pox users can communicate with their opinions, suggestions and objections on how their personal information is collected and processed at any time via [email protected]. In the application you will submit for information or other requests for processing personal data;
If your name, surname and application is written, your signature,
Your ID number, your nationality, your passport number, or your ID number, if any,
If any, the electronic mail address, phone and fax number, if any, must be found, and the information and documents related to the subject must be added to the application. You can make your applications you want to make via e-mail by accessing [email protected] e-mail address.
As mentioned above, users who are not members of the Media Pox and who are visitors cannot benefit from various interaction opportunities offered to members. In addition, members are defined as a Media Pox member by accepting the conditions and conditions for the use of their personal information.
Fox members can change their unique user names, e-mail addresses, names and surnames after becoming a member. After this change, the old information of the user is deleted.
Member users who do not want to receive e-mail or mobile application notification from Media Pox can change these settings from their website or mobile application settings.
Users or non -member users who open browser -based website notifications and then wish to close these notifications should also edit the relevant settings in the browsers for the cancellation of notifications.
The help feature in most browser explains how your browser will prevent him from accepting new identification information, how the browser will notify the user when a new cookie is taken and how the cookies will be disabled collectively. It is recommended to leave cookies open, as cookies allow users to benefit from some basic features in Media Pox. For example, when cookies are disabled, a member user or visitor cannot understand whether a content consumed before is consumed. It may not appear in their profiles whether members visit these pages.
It is recommended to exit from the account for the desire to interrupt the relationship between the Media Pox website with user accounts and to disable the cookies from the browser settings.
Media Pox visitors and users can convey their opinions, suggestions and complaints via [email protected] at any time to improve the site and mobile application experience.
When a cancellation request for processing your personal information is received, Media Pox stops collecting and processing the personal data of the user who transmits the request.
Except for the above rights, learning whether personal data has been processed, demanding information on how to process, learning the purpose of processing, asking for deletion of personal data, learning third part of the personal data, the use of personal data is unlawful to eliminate this damage on the detection of all Media Pox Member It belongs to users or non -member visitors.

Are children allowed to use Media Pox?

Media Pox is a formation that offers appropriate content service to visitors from all age group. However, those under the age of 18 cannot be a member of the Media Pox, but only as a non -member visitors can use the website or mobile application.

How long does Media Pox keep the personal information of visitors and users?

After accessing the Media Pox website and mobile applications, access to all content published is free of charge, and there is no requirement for membership in order to access the content. Membership is optional. Users who are members have rights such as commenting in website and mobile applications with their preferred user names, interacting in response to content or other comments, recording content, scoring and rating. Non -member visitors cannot benefit from these features submitted to the members. In summary; Access to Media Pox website and mobile applications are included in two different groups; non -members are classified as visitors and members of the user.
Visitor Data Storage Time: Visitors provide data that will not define the person directly as in many website, depending on their cookie preferences in the browsers they use. The time of storage of this data varies according to the type of cookie.
User data storage time: users who are members of the Media Pox provide the name surname and e-mail address that defines the person directly during the membership phase. This information is not deleted unless users request it and continues to be safely protected in the Database of Media Pox. Users who do not log in to their accounts for a long time are not deleted after a certain period of time, and users are expected to reach. In addition, users who wish to use the right to be forgotten may request all their information to be deleted. For these requests, it is sufficient for users to send their name surname, user name and e-mail address information to [email protected] with requests to delete account.
Period of keeping third parties’ user and visitor data: Media Pox’s sensitive attitude towards the confidentiality of personal information “4. Does Media Pox share personal information? ” in detail under the title. The Media Pox does not sell personal information obtained from visitors and user to third parties under any circumstances and does not include marketing and promotional processes. However, during the promotion studies with the third parties provided to the agreement, advertising automations or “advertorial” content contain links of the third party. Visitors and users who interact with these links are under the responsibility of the third party in question. At this point, it should be remembered that the Media Pox has made an agreement with third parties with sensitive conditions and conditions as well as this privacy statement, so that it takes precautions to protect the safety of its visitors and users.

Legal Reasons:

According to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, legal reasons must be found in order to process personal data. Media Pox’s legal reasons for the processing of personal data vary according to its intended use:
Our legitimate interest and users benefit; The Media Pox is a commercial enterprise with a profit and Media Pox operates as a brand of this business. While developing Media Pox, maintaining your safety, trying to prevent cheating and frauds, it has the right to process data legally.
Your consent: In order to process the data, it has the right to process the data in case of contact with users specifically and if their consent is obtained. Users can withdraw their consent to processing data at any time, in such a case, the processing of the data of the user withdrawing the relevant consent is stopped.
These and other legal reasons, which may vary according to our purpose of using data, give Media Pox ‘the right to process data legally ..

Contact Media Pox for communication, notifications and changes:

Users who are concerned about the privacy practices in Media Pox, who want to contact our data officers can send a detailed statement to [email protected] by e-mail. Media Pox officials are obliged to work to solve the problem.
Our business is constantly changing and the text of the Media Pox Privacy Notification vary accordingly. To see the latest changes, the Media Pox website must be checked frequently. Unless otherwise mentioned, the current Media Pox Privacy Notification is valid for all personal information about the user and account. The Media Pox team is behind the promises made by Media Pox, and the Media Pox will never be able to replace policies and practices in a way that makes the past personal information less than the past, without the consent of the affected users.